Nov 2017 update: Office hours are no longer being held, as the transition to the WebExtensions API is complete. You can find documentation on the API on MDN Web Docs.

Support for transitioning and porting to WebExtensions

Office hours schedule

WebExtensions are the new standard for add-on development in Firefox that is cross-browser compatible, allowing you to maintain one codebase for extensions that work in multiple browsers. With the release of Firefox 57 in November 2017, legacy add-ons will no longer be supported.

If you want to transition your Firefox legacy add-on or port a Chrome extension, we're here to help!

Below is a schedule of when help is available in the #webextensions channel at and in the add-on development forum. Names are listed as IRC nicknames so you can reach those people directly. We also encourage you to join the webextensions-support [at] mozilla [dot] org mailing list to ask questions and support other developers. Times will automatically display in the time zone of your device.







Support Staff Specialties